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How We Work

Take Appointment
It all starts with a simple appointment. The process of appointment is very simple. All you have to do is to call us and book a time for lesson. We are very flexible in terms of lesson area, lesson time and lesson day. We work 7 days a week. Call us at 0412503192 and we shall arrange time as per your schedule.
Get Lessons
Once the appointment is confirmed, we take all your stress in our hand. We shall ensure that you are feed in with all necessary driving tips and tricks to get you over the line. Every one is different as per their skill and capabilities. So, we consider each and every trainee driver differently and provide necessary feedback individually.
Driving Test
It is important to understand when a trinee driving is ready for a driving test. We analyse and monitor each of our studets carefully and inform them when they are ready for a driving test. We provide them with necessary information realted to the test. We also provide a service where we can book test appointment and shall be present with the trainee driver during the test to give necessary mental support to our students.
We are there till the end of your utlimate suceess in achieving the driving license. Our ami is to make the process simple towards our trainee driver. So we hide all complexities related to driving and ensure the process is as much enjoyable as possible. At the end, we get good result. Not only that we ensure you get license but also we ensure that you are a safe driver for all driving in the road.
We shall take you there! Though we specialize in Victorian Driving Test, we have a higher driving success rate in Dandenong Vicroads, Frankston Vicroads, and Pakenham Vicroads. For affordable and cheap driving lessons contact us now!